Strategic inboxing growth solutions for e-commerce brands using Klaviyo to help them generate massive email results and skyrocket email ROI faster.


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Our strategic inboxing growth solutions emphasize the benefits of working with us to achieve massive growth in email performance, deliverability, engagement and conversions faster.



Inboxing Essentials

Description: In this consulting plan, we will review your Klaviyo's email marketing challenges & help you unlock your email potential. We'll deep-dive into your current email programs, Klaviyo setup and sending practices, identify deliverability & authentication roadblocks, and create a custom growth plan tailored to your business needs to help you elevate your email game & establish a strong foundation for success.

Duration: 3 months

Risk-free Guarantee: If you don't see an improvement in your inboxing growth within 3 months, we'll refund your last payment.


Inboxing Health Audit: We'll conduct a comprehensive audit of your current email marketing programs, email acquisition sources & sending practices to identify bottlenecks, gaps and issues.
Klaviyo Optimization: Our experts will fine-tune your Klaviyo setup, to maximize its potential, ensuring that your emails reach the inbox.
Strategic Growth Plan: We'll develop a tailored data-driven email growth plan based on our audit findings, to ensure you get the most out of your email programs and maximize traffic & conversions.
Deliverability Onboarding: We'll conduct discovery sessions to understand your business and email programs better and set up a 1-hour strategy kickoff session to walk you through our step by step growth plan.
Reputation Monitoring System: We'll guide you to set up a foundation for monitoring reputation health of your sending domains and IPs to ensure you have the holistic performance view of your email programs.
Content & Engagement Optimization: We'll guide you to create engaging, personalized content that resonates with your subscribers and improve your email engagement rates and deliverability.
Email Analytics: We'll set up custom reporting dashboards and setup the right attribution structure to measure your business and campaign performance to know what's performing vs. not performing, and ensuring every email sent contributes to your bottom-line revenue.
Monthly Performance Check-ins: We'll be with you every step of the way, providing ongoing guidance and adjustments to maintain peak deliverability & campaign KPIs.

Outcome: Improved deliverability, increased email engagement rates, and a stronger sender reputation & inbox placement, leading to a rapid increase in email ROI and growth.

*All prices are exclusive of taxes.



Inboxing Pro Accelerator

DescriptionIf your e-commerce store generates $1M+ in revenue and is looking to amplify your email marketing & deliverability, Inboxing Pro Accelerator is your answer. This package takes everything from Inboxing Essentials to the next level, ensuring you make a significant impact on your bottom-line revenue, while ensuring your deliverability and reputation stay high.

We will work with you closely to take your email marketing to the next level to create irresistible email experiences and accelerate conversions & revenue, by harnessing the power of advanced segmentation and  personalization strategies, and getting an incredible depth of intelligence on your program’s deliverability to supercharge your emails to drive massive business results.

Duration: 6 months

Risk-free Guarantee: If your email revenue doesn't increase by at least 30% within 4 months, we'll refund your last payment.


Inboxing Essentials (included): All the benefits of our Inboxing Essentials package.
Inboxing Growth Framework: We'll work with you to lay-down a strong foundation of our 4-phase inboxing growth framework step by step for long term email success in your business, and deep-dive into your customer journey & touch points to create a resilient, recession-proof email engine for your business.
Klaviyo Migration & Strategic Warmup: Whether you are migrating to Klaviyo from another ESP or warming up a new domain/IP, our inboxing maestros understand the nuances of deliverability & reputation onboarding and take a proactive approach to ensure that your email programs on Klaviyo begins on the right foot and steadily builds a positive sender reputation for maximum email ROI.
Customer Lifecycle Journey Mapping: We'll work with you to deeply understand your ideal customer avatar and build a successful lifecycle marketing customer journeys that maximize customer lifetime value.
Klaviyo Flows Automation Setup: We'll deep-dive into your Klaviyo account, customer profiles & campaigns end-to-end, review your MarTech stack, transactional & behavioural touch points to create sophisticated flows to guide subscribers through the customer journey and maximize revenue from each email.
Inboxing Signals System Setup: We'll implement a comprehensive deliverability and threat monitoring system (for up to 2 sending domains) to provide you actionable insights that'll help you reach the inbox, measure the health of your email program and identify early-stage deliverability issues. 
List Growth, Validation & Hygiene:
We'll implement growth strategies for building a productive quality list and implement list cleaning protocols to ensure high email engagement and deliverability.
Advanced Segmentation & Personalization: We'll deep-dive into your customer profiles, purchase & behavioural attributes to implement data-driven segmentation strategies to send relevant emails, driving higher engagement, deliverability and revenue.
Advanced Analytics & Reporting: With our Inbox Signals System, you'll gain access to real-time inbox signals data, threats alerts, and performance metrics, allowing for agile adjustments to maximize email ROI.
A/B Testing and Optimization: We'll work with you to continuously improve your email campaigns through rigorous A/B testing and data-backed optimizations.
Email & Chat Support: Enjoy dedicated support from our team of experts whenever you need it.

Outcome: Experience rapid growth in email performance, revenue & ROI and enable you to scale your email programs to next level.

*All prices are exclusive of taxes. For up to 2 sending domains. T&C apply.



Inboxing Maestro DOMINATOR

Description: This premium plan of highest value, is for e-commerce stores committed to dominating the email channel and creating a recession-proof business.

Inboxing Maestro Dominator is our signature solution for e-commerce brands committed to exponential growth. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to supercharge your Klaviyo campaigns & deliverability, ensuring your email channel becomes a revenue-generating powerhouse.

Duration: 12 months

Risk-free Guarantee: If you don't see an improvement in your email growth within 6 months, we'll refund your last 3 months of investment.


Inboxing Pro Accelerator (included): All the benefits of our Inboxing Pro Accelerator package.
Dedicated Inboxing Growth Team: Gain access to our elite team of Klaviyo champions & inboxing strategists who will do the heavy lifting for your email programs to address your unique challenges and opportunities.
Inboxing Goals & Expectations Setting: We'll create a big picture roadmap with strategic email marketing & deliverability goals and expectations to fast- track your email success.
Inboxing Signals System Setup: We'll implement a comprehensive deliverability and threat monitoring system (for up to 5 sending domains) to provide you actionable insights that'll help you reach the inbox, measure the health of your email program and identify early-stage deliverability issues.
Email Oversight Tracking Setup: We'll build a rule-based oversight alert mechanism on top of your email programs, and gain a whole new level of certainty.
DMARC SetupOur team of deliverability experts ensures your domains and IPs are properly configured, header domains are properly aligned,  for proper DMARC implementation, keeping your email programs and reputation safe.
Dynamic AMP emails setup: We'll work with your team to setup AMP emails sending in Klaviyo to turn emails into interactive experiences.
Domain/IP Blacklisting & Remediation: Our dedicated team of deliverability experts will be proactively monitoring and issue prevention like blocklist remediation and ISP escalation.
Multichannel Integration: Seamlessly integrate email with other marketing channels like SMS & Push notifications for a unified, omni-channel customer experience.
Revenue Growth Strategy: We'll work with you to develop a roadmap for continuous email marketing growth and identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling for moe revenue generation.
Email Rendering & QA Setup: We will build a 360 view of your email creative, to show you how your email is landing and go a layer deeper to see how your emails are showing up with crucial accessibility info, dark-mode, image diagnostics, etc.
Competitive Analysis: We'll analyze your competitors' email strategies and implement winning tactics to stay ahead in the market.
Conversion Rate Optimization: Our experts will optimize your emails and landing pages to increase conversion rates.
Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Gain access to real-time inbox signals data, threats alerts, and performance metrics, allowing for agile adjustments to maximize ROI.
Quarterly Growth Reviews: We'll conduct growth review & strategy workshops to ensure your email marketing remains aligned with your business objectives.
24/7 Priority Support: Experience priority customer support through email/chat/phone, ensuring your email marketing is always on point.

Outcome: Say goodbye to poor deliverability, low engagement, and revenue woes, and build a recession-proof email empire.

*All prices are exclusive of taxes. For up to 5 sending domains. T&C apply.

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Disclaimer: We'll show you the strategies & tactics that can help you to improve your deliverability, email performance, and ROI. Results may vary from individual to individual and company to company. Your results will be impacted by numerous factors not limited to your experience, background, discipline & time you commit to applying the strategies. We strongly recommend you follow email marketing & deliverability best practices end to end, and you should be able to achieve better results. However, we do not guarantee 100% results considering ISP's spam filters getting updated almost every day and your business decisions, you might experience some inconsistencies in your deliverability or reputation impact. We advise you to keep following the best practices and tweak the strategies; their filters will understand and adapt.

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