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Having trouble getting your emails to the inbox?

Not anymore! Get our strategic guidance to understand what you need to change in your email programs to improve your deliverability, engagement and skyrocket your email ROI...

"Mohsin is an amazing professional & an email guy. Easy to work with. Because of his strategies, my revenue went up by 5X and email engagement by 2X."

Carey Rouse

Founder, Rouse Fit

What Makes Us So Great

Inboxing Maestro's deliverability experts actively develops and delivers performance improvement strategies that help get your emails right where they should the inbox.

And in doing so, we deliver you the most important thing of all—peace of mind!

9.5+ years of industry experience in handling all aspects of email marketing & deliverability.
We do the heavy lifting for you - Actively monitor your deliverability analytics, identify strategies that lead to the inbox, and collaborate with you to achieve maximum email deliverability and ROI.
From reactivation programs to warming new IPs, we will collaborate with you to develop strategies that have the greatest impact on the success of your email programs.
$120 Mn+ revenue generated from email marketing & automation.
100 Mn+ marketing email volumes sent, monitored, and analysed.
94%+ deliverability rates aggregated across top tier mailbox providers.
20+ happy email clients with improved deliverability & email performance.

Who We Are

Mohsin Farooqui

Founder & Chief Inboxing Strategist

We are 'Inboxing Maestros' a.k.a your email deliverability guys, on a mission to help you - stay away from the 'No Man's Land' (Spam Folder), send wanted emails and skyrocket your email ROI.

We would highly recommend you to read these questions to help you find out whether we are a good fit for you:

Are you experiencing low open rates for your marketing and/or transactional emails?
Are your marketing and/or transactional emails getting delivered in spam, thereby hampering business growth?
Are you suffering from low inbox placement rates, reputation, and/or Domain/IP blacklisting issues at major blocklists?
Are you stuck or confused in setting up DNS & authentication, the right way?
Is your marketing team unhappy with the email performance and/or worried about deliverability issues?
Are you setting up your email channel from scratch and need an expert hand to guide at every step of your journey?
Do you want to genuinely improve your email marketing results?

If your answer is 'YES' to any of the above questions, then we can help you FIX your email performance & deliverability issues.

What We Do

Email has an ROI that is 4X greater than any other medium.

Yet most business owners & marketers aren't leveraging email to take advantage of this very profitable channel.

One of the reasons for this is there are over 300 billion emails sent every day, and over 90% of them (270 billion emails) are spam.

Because of that, 50% of emails are not received by the recipient. 26% goes to spam, and 24% ends up missing (unseen).

These challenges provides an opportunity to achieve a 4,400% ROI with email marketing when you apply our 4-phase inboxing growth framework.

We can "help" you with:

laying down the email foundation and implementing email marketing programs for your business & marketing growth.
take care of your whole email marketing programs end-to-end, if you do not have a dedicated email marketing team.
fixing your email deliverability & reputation issues affecting marketing and transactional emails.
remediating ISP issues, spam folder and blocking problems.
guiding your marketing team to understand the importance & power of email marketing & how to do it correctly.
IP warming planning, execution and monitoring.
implementing email authentication properly to safeguard your reputation & digital assets from phishing attacks.
guiding and managing your re-engagement & win-back campaigns to re-activate dormant subscribers.
designing your customer value journey, understanding your audience better to target the right user, with the right content at the right time.
direct support via email, phone, Slack, Zoom, etc.

One-time Deliverability Consulting & Audit

Identify the gaps & improve your deliverability to ensure your message reach the intended recipients & drive results.

Ongoing Deliverability Consultancy & Monitoring

Analyse, optimize & scale your emails for maximum inbox placement, audience engagement and ROI, using our 4-phase inboxing framework.

Email Marketing Strategy

Got an email marketing challenge you need to solve? Don’t have a clue where to start? We can help plan your email marketing strategy and prepare a roadmap.

Email Campaign Management

Don’t have the time and resources to manage email campaigns? Let us help you strategise, build, deploy, and manage email marketing campaigns (end-to-end) at scale.

How We Do


A step-by-step proven Framework that works

Email is hard & complex! And, despite all sorts of technological advances in the email industry in the last decade, email continues to be just challenging.

But challenges can often open up opportunities when channeled in a right way, by following a proven strategic process.

Our inboxing growth program uses a 4-phase growth framework - a proven process that can not only help you build a strong foundation for your email programs, but also help you establish positive sender reputation and impact your email ROI.


Help you lay down the strong foundation for your email programs as recommended by ISPs.


Help you establish strong trust and positive reputation with ISPs.


Help you understand your audience better, target the right audience with the right content at the right time.


Help you champion email by harnessing the power of inbox experience.

One-time Deliverability Consulting & Audit DEEP DIVE

Are your emails underperforming? Are you uncertain about your email strategies and deliverability infrastructure?

Not sure if your emails are effective? Or if your emails are even reaching your audience?

It might time for a fully comprehensive deliverability audit.

With our audit deep-dive, we have a global vision of your emailing infrastructure on both the purely technical, and marketing, aspects. The objective is to do an in-depth analysis of your sending habits and your email campaigns in order to identify the deliverability problems that you encounter.

We'll help you pinpoint issues and reveal areas that need improvement, such as high bounce rates, domain misalignment, authentication issues, low open or click-through rates, a high percentage of unengaged subscribers, poor sender reputation, poor targeting, list acquisition issues, and so on.

Be proactive and don’t wait until a huge problem arises before you get a complete deliverability consulting and audit deep dive.

Doing so can help you plan for growth and scaling email in your business, and improve the connection you have with your email subscribers.

We follow a 5 step framework to help you improve the deliverability of your email campaigns to boost your business!

Discovery sessions to know your email problems, goals and objectives.
Collection and analysis of the main elements of your deliverability.
Reviewing DNS and authentication records.
Draft of the audit with our analysis and conclusions.
Implementing the recommendations following your approval.

In our audit deep-dive, we'll review the additional aspects of your email programs:

1) Email infrastructure

2) Domains, Sub-domains & IP reputation health

3) Data management review - unsubscribe, feedback loops, bounce handling

4) Email acquisition sources & housekeeping practices

5) Content review, template design & coding practices

6) Overall email sending practices

7) Inbox placement & seed list testing

8) Current deliverability review at major ISPs

9) Email Program and Subscriber Journey Analysis

10) Segmentation & personalisation review

11) Automation emails & journey flows

12) Top performing and least performing time of the year

14) List analysis & subscriber health review

15) Reviewing email service provider


Whether it’s a new ESP migration or new warmup, we’ll help to guide and simplify the deliverability onboarding process & get you on right track for long-term email success, by implementing custom email implementation plan for your business.

Our tailor-made deliverability consulting and monitoring solution is adapted to all permission-focused senders who are looking to setup a strong foundation for email programs and optimize the tracking and monitoring of the deliverability and reputation of their sending domains/IPs.

If you'd like us to consult you on deliverability growth strategies for long term and help you optimize your email deliverability and proactively protect your mailing reputation... This solution is for you!

We work with permission-focused senders of all sizes and industries to help them improve the ROI of their email marketing. We will setup your email infrastructure to the latest practices, implementing monitoring mechanisms, setup alerts, and regular conducting deliverability reviews.

What you get:

1) Discovery session to understand & assess your email ecosystem & programs.

2) Reviewing email challenges, goals, current email platform, timelines.

3) Define and implement a process for migration / new strategic beginnings.

4) Right email setup guidance & implementation of DNS & authentication.

5) Implementing deliverability & reputation monitoring analytics.

6) Warmup & ramp up strategy & planning for building strong sender reputation.

7) Weekly zoom calls & documentation

8) Reputation handover & training with best practices guidance.

9) Data, Email content & sending best practice guidance.

What can you expect?

1) Regular monitoring of your deliverability and email KPIs.

2) Enhance your content strategy by implementing immediate content changes to ensure that your messages arrive in the inbox.

3) Regular training, coaching, and workshop sessions to help you and your team learn how to adapt your email strategies to face the new challenges ahead.

4) Ongoing proactive support & monitoring for all your email campaigns to give you confidence that, we are always here to help you learn how to anticipate deliverability problems, by detecting and understanding performance warning signs.


Want to make sure your email programs are heading in the right direction and giving you the desired results?

Are your emails landing in the spam and wondering how to fix those deliverability issues?

Are you struggling to improve your email engagement and take your email channel performance to the next level?

Need a quick email teardown of your email programs? Can't figure out the next steps?

If you can relate to these, we can certainly help you

If you are a startup or new to email marketing or would like to start from scratch again, then we will build the right foundation and strategy for your email programs that involves below steps:

1) Establish where your email marketing is now and where it should be.

2) Discuss the gaps and loopholes you just can't get around.

3) Understand your business and marketing goals.

4) Study your historical email campaigns performance.

5) Set a road map and short term goals & milestones.

6) Create a custom action plan that cater exactly to your email marketing objectives.

You'll walk away with a list of actionable takeaways to apply immediately in your business.

What's included?
1) 60-minute video conversation in Zoom (with screen sharing if necessary)

2) Video recording of the call

3) One-week follow-up via email

Sounds like a plan?

Email Campaign Management

Wishing to launch an email marketing campaign is one thing, but managing it is a different game altogether. Email campaign management is the umbrella of everything that goes into making a successful email marketing campaign.

From setting up the campaign’s goals to list segmentation to templates and testing, a lot goes on under email campaign management.

At Inboxing Maestro, we understand it well. Our end-to-end email campaign management services helps you to plan and execute your result-driven email campaigns efficiently while ensuring its effectiveness simultaneously.

We will deploy your email campaigns on time, within budget, and accurately. We got you covered, quite literally!

Here's how it works?

Understand Campaign Goals and Targeting.
Coordinate and collect assets such as content, offers, images, and brand guidelines.
Design, code, test, and deploy email marketing campaigns in the ESP of your choice.
Campaign tracking and reporting as required.
Ongoing email campaign management and optimization as required.
Monthly/Quarterly reviews as required.

What Our Clients Say

Mohsin has managed our email programs flawlessly and grow our email ROI by improving email deliverability, and increase open rates for inactive segment by 1.5X with his re-engagement strategies.

Pankaj Sharma


We have seen a tremendous growth in our inbox rates and email funnel KPIs by following a custom deliverability onboarding plan and building a campaign governance at an org. level. Thanks, Mohsin!

Ramit Mehra

Bajaj Finserv

Mohsin has helped solve serious deliverability issues at Gmail for our organisation and laid down the foundation of the email channel from the scratch, that enabled us to build audience engagement and reputation.

Sarthak Kaushik


Mohsin helped my company increase leads, sales, traffic, and user engagement, minimise expenses, and improve the overall customer experience. One of the best in the email marketing.

Vishal Kangane


As an email marketing and deliverability expert for our company, he helped us provide client-specific email strategic and growth strategies for growth. A proactive & professional to work with. 

Avinash Pant

Netcore Solutions

Mohsin's experience and depth of knowledge on email deliverability are a bank of assets. He's always motivated to think outside the box, & do things differently brings in a fresh perspective.

Bishal Das Gupta

Wunderman Thompson

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Disclaimer: We'll show you the strategies & tactics that can help you to improve your deliverability, email performance, and ROI. Results may vary from individual to individual and company to company. Your results will be impacted by numerous factors not limited to your experience, background, discipline & time you commit to applying the strategies. We strongly recommend you follow email marketing & deliverability best practices end to end, and you should be able to achieve better results. However, we do not guarantee 100% results considering ISP's spam filters getting updated almost every day and your business decisions, you might experience some inconsistencies in your deliverability or reputation impact. We advise you to keep following the best practices and tweak the strategies; their filters will understand and adapt.

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Watch our case study below to discover how I have helped a NBFC brand strategically improved email inboxing & sender reputation that led to 200% increase in their revenue growth!

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